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“We specialise in the Design, Supply and Installation of Super Energy Efficient Water Underfloor Heating Systems.”
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Unizone Water Underfloor Heating System

Turn a house into a home with a Central Underfloor Heating System.
UNIZONE systems start at £1695 + VAT installed.

Bespoke Water Underfloor Heating Systems

Underfloor Heating
Add a touch of luxury to your home
with a new super energy efficient
Central Underfloor Heating System.

UNIZONE Water Underfloor Heating System

UNIZONE Water Underfloor Heating Systems are designed for any single zone or open plan area.

UNIZONE systems start from £1695 + VAT. Installation is included.

Our Unizone Underfloor Heating System is designed to provide an underfloor heating solution in conservatories, kitchens, extensions or any single zone or open plan area.

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A Unizone system can be fitted to work independently in an extension alongside a radiator system in the main building.

A Unizone system can be heated by any condensing gas boiler, oil boiler, wood pellet boiler, ground source heat pump or air source heat pump. The kit can be tailored to suit the water temperature produced by the heat source supplying it.


Our Unizone Underfloor Heating System is made up of the most reliable, durable and proven European products we can find. We don't compromise on the quality of the products we supply and know that a "cheap" system can often seem tempting but always costs more in the long run when it doesn't stand the test of time.


We supply a multi layer PE-RT DIN 4726 EVOH OXYBARRIER pipe with a diameter of 16mm and a wall thickness of 2mm. This pipe complies with DIN 4726, which specifies that oxygen diffusion through a non-permeable pipe may not exceed 0.1g/m3d and we find it more flexible and quicker to install than other pipes on the market.

PE-RT stands for Polyethylene of Raised Temperature Resistance (PE-RT) is a resin that builds on the traditional properties of polyethylene combined with the latest technology (constrained geometry catalyst, solution process and ethyleneoctene copolymer) to add extra performance characteristics such as enhanced strength at high temperatures.

The family of PE-RT resins has a proven track record of more than 25 years for delivering outstanding performance in pipe applications. Over a million kilometres of pipes have been produced using PE-RT resins and throughout Europe this type of pipe is used for 30% of all underfloor heating installations.

The pipe is manufactured in Europe to ISO9000 standards and accordingly is covered by a manufacturers 50 year guarantee.


The distribution manifold is the hub of the Unizone system and attached to it are the only moving parts on the system. It is essential that the manifold is robust and reliable and we have found that Italian engineered stainless steel manifolds are the best.

Each manifold has a pump, mixing valve and a 2 port motorised zone valve. The pump and zone valve are moving parts and have a lifespan of approximately ten years. These items come with a 12 month warranty from the installation date and are standard items that can easily be replaced in the future when the time comes.


The thermostat is the only visible part of the Unizone Underfloor Heating system and is therefore chosen for it's look as well as it's ability to control time and temperature. There are various thermostats available that will suit any environment and the thermostats we supply are fully programmable and wired or wireless depending on your preference. The thermostats we provide are wi-fi enabled so they can be operated remotely via an app on a smart phone or tablet computer.

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