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Underfloor Heating Floor Construction Options

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Underfloor Heating Floor Construction

Choosing the right underfloor heating floor construction.

An underfloor heating system can be fitted into a solid or timber suspended floor construction. Numerous different floor constructions are available but all floor constructions rely on the use of insulation BELOW the pipework to prevent downward heat losses. Adequate insulation must ALWAYS be fitted and if there is no room for insulation in the floor construction then you should not consider underfloor heating as an option.


Sand/Cement Screed

Underfloor Heating Construction

A concrete slab or suspended beam and block floor is laid first along with a damp proof membrane.

A minimium 50mm layer of Polyurethane insulation is laid over the whole floor area next and the joints are taped to prevent the ingress of screed between the insulation boards.

(NB. All insulation thicknesses need to comply with the current building regulations.)

A 10mm thick piece of foam expansion strip is fixed to the perimeter walls at a height to include the depth of the screed. Pipes are clipped to the insulation using plastic staples and grip rails.

Finally, once the pipework has been filled and pressure tested a 65 – 75 mm dry screed can be laid on top of the insulation and the pipe.

Alternatively, a minimum 50mm liquid calcium sulphate screed can be poured over the pipes. Using this type of screed requires that an additional plastic membrane is laid over the insulation before the expansion strip and pipes are laid.

Concrete Slab

A commonly used floor construction in industrial applications is a single pour slab. Insulation is laid on a sub base before the pipe is tied to loose reinforcing mesh laid on top. The mesh is then raised and supported prior to the concrete pour.

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Sand/Cement Biscuit Mix

Another popular floor construction, is a timber suspended floor with a weak sand/cement screed between the joists. This construction is proven to give the maximum output possible from a suspended floor.

Underfloor Heating Construction

Between the joists, a 50mm polyurethane insulation board is cut for a tight fit. It is advisable to use battens fixed to the sides of the joists to support the insulation from below.

The pipe is then laid on top of the insulation with plastic pipe staples and nail clips in notches where the pipe crosses the joists.

Be careful not to leave too much air space between the insulation boards and floor boards (25mm is recommended) as this air gap should be filled with a light weight screed mix (8 parts Sand: 1 part cement). This gives the floor thermal mass and prevents any annoying clicking from the pipework.

Then the floor boards are laid on top of the joists.

The pipe can also be laid over decked timber suspended floors by using battens to raise the floor finish by 25mm.

Underfloor Heating Construction

Insulation is fitted between the joists directly below the deck and the pipes are laid between the battens and nail clipped to the deck. A weak sand/cement screed is laid over the pipes and levelled flush with the battens before the final floor finish is fixed down.

Heat Emission Plates

Some manufacturers use heat emission plates to try to achieve an even temperature on the floor. This is a very expensive way of installing underfloor heating in timber suspended floors and at the end of the aluminium plate the temperature is not going to be very high.

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