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Underfloor Heating Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about underfloor heating.

How long will the underfloor heating pipe last?

The pipe we supply is guaranteed for 50 years but there is no reason why the pipe can't last for hundreds of years.

Can I retrofit underfloor heating in my house?

If you have suspended floors then it is fairly easy to lift the floorboards and fit the insulation, underfloor heating pipe and screed between the joists. If you have solid floors, then you will usually need to dig down to gain the necessary depth. You will have to decide whether the cost of doing this is worth it.

Can I have an underfloor heating system downstairs and radiators upstairs?

Yes, so long as you have one zone valve and timer for the underfloor heating system and a separate zone valve and timer for the radiator system. Underfloor heating needs to be on for longer periods of time than radiators so they would wouldn't work correctly if they were both using the same timer.

What happens if a pipe gets damaged?

Every care should be taken not to drill or cut into the floor once the underfloor heating pipe has been laid but if an accident did happen then the pipe would have to be accessed and the damaged part cut out. A straight connector or a new section of pipe and two straight connectors could then be fitted to repair the pipe.

Is underfloor heating cheaper to run than radiators?

Because underfloor heating runs at a lower temperature than radiators, underfloor heating can be 10-15% more efficient. Underfloor heating does need to be on for a lot longer than radiators though so isn't as efficient as some people may claim. Using the correct floor construction is the best way to achieve optimum efficiency.

Will underfloor heating work in my conservatory?

Underfloor heating will work well in a conservatory if it has been designed to give an output high enough to meet heat losses. There is often limited wall space in a conservatory to fit a large enough radiator whereas underfloor heating is essentially a giant radiator spread across the whole floor.

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