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Underfloor Heating Controls

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Underfloor Heating Controls

How does Water Underfloor Heating control a room's air temperature.


Water entering an underfloor heating system needs to be supplied at the appropriate temperature for the type of floor construction being heated. If the water temperature is too high it could overheat the floor and cause discomfort to people using the building.

The simplest method of controlling the UFH temperature is to use a mixing valve to blend the hot supply water with the colder return water. The required temperature is typically set by turning the head of the valve, which can often be locked into a certain position.

These valves have been used for many years, mainly to control hot water to taps and showers, and are very reliable and cost effective. They do, however, need to be sized correctly in conjunction with the pump to obtain the correct system flow rates, as they restrict the flow.

An added bonus is that this three port setup allows the UFH pump to draw from the boiler circuit, or thermal store, without the need for an additional pump.

Underfloor Heating Controls

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Whether you are heating a single zone or a building with multiple rooms you will need one or more thermostats to control the air temperature.

Fixed Setting Room Thermostat

This is the most basic way of controlling the air temperature in a room, and is simply a wall mounted thermostat that can be manually adjusted by the user to achieve the desired comfort level.

Fixed Setting Room Thermostat with Night Setback Function

This is a fixed setting room thermostat with a feature built in that will turn down the set temperature automatically at night, by typically 6°C, when it is connected to a central time clock. When the time clock is set, this feature allows the underfloor heating to retain heat at night without running the system at full temperature. Not allowing the system to go cold has the advantage of ensuring a small response time in the morning when the stats are automatically turned back up to the original temperature.

Programmable Room Thermostat

This is a room thermostat that can be programmed to set different temperatures at different times of the day. It also allows each of the seven days in the week to be programmed differently.

A manual override function allows the user to easily adjust the room temperature setting if required. The stat reverts to auto mode the next time the set temperature is programmed to change.

A holiday mode allows the system to be set back to 10°C for a set number of days. This avoids the risk of frozen pipes and means the building is warm when you return from holiday.

This programmable room thermostat inherently allows lower night time temperatures to be set.

Optimum Start

Instead of setting a time for the heating to come on and hoping that the house will be warm enough, the user enters the time by which the house needs to reach a set temperature. The controller brings the heating on earlier or later as required depending on how cold it has been overnight. Optimisation therefore provides improved comfort rather than efficiency and is particularly suited to houses with a lot of 'thermal mass' and a thick screed based underfloor heating system.


All thermostats are available in wired or wireless versions. Wireless versions are generally a little more expensive to buy but can offer huge potential savings in electrical cable and installation costs.

Dial, Digital and Touchscreen

Thermostats come in different finishes and styles and can look basic or high tec. Which thermostat you choose will depend on your budget and where it is to be installed.

Floor Sensor

Some wet areas are not suitable for a room thermostat so it can be necessary for the thermostat to be located outside or away from the heated area and a floor sensor to be laid in the screed. The thermostat works in the same way but simply measures the floor temperature instead of the air temperature.

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