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Water Underfloor Heating Floor Screed

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Floor Screed For Water Underfloor Heating

What type of screed do I use with water underfloor heating?

There are three types of screed: Dry Screed, Liquid Screed and Biscuit Mix

Dry Screed

Dry Screed is the most widely used screed for underfloor heating systems on a solid floor.
It is a 4 to 1 sand/cement mix - sometimes with fibres added to give extra strength.
The optimum thickness is 65-75mm for a balance between strength and warm up time.
The benefit of using a dry screed is that the materials are available, either ready mixed or mixed on site, to any property at any location in the UK.
Dry screeds need around a month to dry out naturally before any heat can be put through them.

Underfloor Heating Screed

Liquid Screed

Liquid Screed is an increasingly popular method of screeding due to it's speed of installation, quick drying time and self levelling properties. It is an anhydrite or calcium sulphate screed.
The optimum thickness is about 50mm - slightly less than a dry screed - which is advantageous where limited floor depth is an issue.
Liquid screeds can be force dried by turning the underfloor heating on.
The only drawback to liquid screeds is that they are not available to every location in the UK.

Biscuit Mix

Biscuit Mix screed is used to cover pipes on supsended floors and is an 8 to 1 sand/cement mix bound with a minimal amount of water.
The optimum thickness is 25mm which will cover the pipes but not add too much weight. (It will weigh approximately 20Kg per square metre.)
The benefit of using a biscuit mix screed is that it provides thermal mass, is much cheaper than aluminium spreader plates and prevents expansion noises.

Underfloor Heating Screed

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