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“We specialise in the Design, Supply and Installation of Super Energy Efficient Water Underfloor Heating Systems.”
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Water Underfloor Heating Installation

Turn a house into a home with a Central Underfloor Heating System.
MULTIZONE systems start at £1995 + VAT installed.

Bespoke Water Underfloor Heating Systems

Underfloor Heating
Add a touch of luxury to your home
with a new super energy efficient
Central Underfloor Heating System.

Water Underfloor Heating Installation

Nationwide Water Underfloor Heating Installation Service

Underfloor heating installation is easy when you choose Central Underfloor Heating.

We specialise in making an underfloor heating installation go as smoothly as possible and can provide you with all the information, advice and expertise you will need for your underfloor heating installation to be a success.

We are experts at installing underfloor heating pipework and manifolds so you can be sure that the most important, hidden, part of your system will be installed correctly.

We will plumb in your whole underfloor heating system including plumbing the underfloor heating system into the flow and return pipes at the boiler. We always ensure that existing parts of your heating system can still operate independently of the underfloor heating. We'll zone them off with additional zone valves if necessary.

We will wire up all your underfloor heating system electrical components so that your programmable room thermostat(s) control the corresponding zone(s) of the underfloor heating system. They will also be wired in so they can switch the boiler on and off as required. We always ensure that existing parts of your heating system can still operate independently of the underfloor heating, zoning them off with additional programmable thermostats if necessary.

This website should assist you with planning an underfloor heating installation from design to commissioning but if you have any further questions please call us on 07733542299.

Underfloor Heating Cost Installation

Underfloor Heating Cost Controls

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We supply and install WATER UNDERFLOOR HEATING systems nationwide.

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