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Water Underfloor Heating Floor Finish

Turn a house into a home with a Central Underfloor Heating System.
MULTIZONE systems start at £1995 + VAT installed.

Bespoke Water Underfloor Heating Systems

Underfloor Heating
Add a touch of luxury to your home
with a new super energy efficient
Central Underfloor Heating System.

Choosing a Final Floor Finish

What floor finish can I use with underfloor heating?

Suitable floor finishes include Stone, Tiles, Wood, Laminate and Carpet

Stone and Ceramic Tiles

Tiles are the best floor finishes for underfloor heating systems on a solid floor.
Stone or ceramic tiles offer the least thermal resistance of all the floor finishes.
A low thermal resistance means better efficiency and a greater degree of comfort.
Tiles can be fixed using a flexible tile adhesive suitable for use with underfloor heating or stone tiles can even be fitted during the screeding process to eliminate the need for adhesive.
Tiles can be laid over an 18mm chipboard decking when fitted to a suspended floor construction.

Natural Wood, Engineered Wood and Laminate Flooring

All wood or laminate flooring works well with underfloor heating so long as a maximum thickness of 22mm is adhered to. Any floor finish thicker than this will have an insulative effect and diminish the maximum output of the underfloor heating.
Natural wood should be acclimatised to a room before being fixed down and have as low a moisture content as possible to avoid warping when laid.

Carpets and Underlay

Carpets can be laid over a solid screed floor or an 18mm chipboard decking over a suspended floor. Carpet and underlay should officially not exceed 2.5 Tog although not exceeding 1.5 Tog will improve heating efficiency.

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