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Water Underfloor Heating Design

Turn a house into a home with a Central Underfloor Heating System.
MULTIZONE systems start at £1995 + VAT installed.

Bespoke Water Underfloor Heating Systems

Underfloor Heating
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Water Underfloor Heating Design

How to design an underfloor heating system

Designing a water underfloor heating system that works correctly and efficiently is fairly complicated and is definitely something that should be done by an engineer with appropriate qualifications, knowledge and experience. A badly designed underfloor heating system can be impossible to rectify once it has been installed so it is paramount that a system is designed correctly from the start.

Choosing Central Underfloor Heating to supply your system means you don't have to worry. We have the knowledge and expertise to provide an insurance backed, bespoke computer aided design for every system we sell and install.

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Heat Loss

Before a design can be put together we need to know if the maximum output our underfloor heating systems can produce is enough to meet the heat losses of your building. High heat losses are only usually a potential issue with old buildings as all new buildings must meet current building regulations. Current builidng regulations are stringent enough to ensure heat loss is now never a concern when designing an underfloor heating system.

Areas with high ceilings (over 4 metres) and areas with large amounts of glazing can require higher outputs than usual due to increased heat loss and so pipe spacings are increased in these areas to compensate. We therefore need to know about any areas like this when designing a system.

Bathrooms and En suites

Due to the limited floor space and higher design temperatures of bathrooms and en suites they usually have pipe spaced at 100mm centres. This is the maximum pipe density you can have without over heating the floor. If this is still not enough output then it can be necessary to have a supplementary towel rail to make up the shortfall. This is particularly common with lower temperature heat pump systems.

Under Kitchen Units

It is a waste of pipe to install underfloor heating under kitchen units and indeed any permanently fixed object. Some people say that heating under a kitchen cupboard can cause it to sweat or that heating under a fridge or freezer causes the fridge or freezer to warm up - but we have not yet seen any evidence whatsoever to prove these theories.

Pipe Patterns

The pipes can be laid in the floor in a variety of different ways. A spiral, snail or bifilar pattern - as it is called - is the most efficient as it ensures the temperature is even into the centre of the room and back out again. However, in a suspended floor there is only one choice of running the pipe parallel to and inbetween the joists.

Pipe Spacings

Pipes spacings are calculated so that the underfloor heating will achieve the desired output taking into account floor construction, floor finish, heat losses, water temperature etc. Using the least amount of pipe to achieve the desired outputs keeps the cost of the system to a minimum and ensures the floors do not overheat.

Pipe Lengths

Each continuous length of underfloor heating pipe can be no longer than 120 metres otherwise the circulating pump will not be able to push the water around the circuit. That's why you have a manifold that divides the water between two and twelve circuits - depending on the size of the area to be heated.

Call 07733542299 if you would like an estimate for your project.

E-mail your plans to info@centralunderfloorheating.com

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